About Us

Urban Lights takes great pride in its work offering all customers a personalised experience, ranging from day-to-day photographs to Photoshop images.
I’m a mobile photographer who brings the studio to you. As a portrait photographer, I cover a range of tasteful poses. I conduct formal portrait shoots in families own homes by bringing a compact mobile studio setup which can fit into almost any family space. I find that children are always fascinated by the setup and process of a formal shoot, and having it in the home allows more time for preparation, changes of outfits and relaxation between family members or sibling groups having individual photos. It also means that my clients don’t have the stress of having to get to a studio to a deadline and that I, as the photographer are the guest in the space, not my clients. I often find that children are keen to ask questions or get involved in the setup and tear-down of equipment. I am always happy to answer any questions on a shoot or explain what I’m doing in detail – to both children and adults! I also have a wealth of experience photographing larger events covering Corporate Functions and parties. I am currently working in the Music and Multi-Media industries photographing up and coming new bands. For more information and to arrange a photo shoot call me now or contact me through Facebook.